RUTH LITTLEJOHN is a person who is committed to living her vision of
facilitating, communicating  and inspiring wholeness for herself and others.”
A woman of great vision and insight, Ruth honors her values of:

  • Nurturing a conscientious and committed relationship with a higher power

  • Manifesting self-care ~ spiritually, mentally and physically

  • Utilizing her gifts to contribute and make a difference in the lives of others

  • Exercising daily a commitment to family, friends, community and relationships

The gift is that Ruth is very creative in her coaching and consulting because she is
very open to keenly listening, using innovative and unique approaches and tools to
support clients in meeting their goals.

For Ruth, living life is like a curriculum: things happen, she works through it,
captures the learning, incorporates it in her life and shares it with others. Tenacious
in her own personal development, Ruth has been committed to bringing her whole
self to all areas of her life and wants to share that knowledge with others.

Honing more than 20 years of experience as a consultant, coach, leader and diversity
and inclusivity practitioner, Ruth believes that success does leave markers, and that
coaches can make a crucial difference. As a gifted leader, coach and facilitator who
demonstrates time after time how to connect with clients, she inspires individuals
and organizations to undertake profound and positive changes.

Personal Development Work Completed

  • Happiness Program-Art of Living, Meditation

  • Vkara Personal Leadership Programs in US & Mexico

  • OseCraft Ventures Unlimited

  • Landmark Education and Leadership Programs

  • Transcendental meditation

  • Spiritual Coaching 

  • Personal Counseling

Career Highlights

President & Founder
Working Life & Teams, Inc

  • Boutique firm working with Fortune 500 clients, non profits, educational and  governmental organizations to elevate                 communication and relationships within visionary and diverse teams and leaders to exceed their goals.


Hampton Roads Center for Spiritual Living-International Center  

  • Providing tools to change and transform lives.

Ruth Littlejohn, LLC

  • Boutique firm laser focused on coaching, small group facilitation training and workplace effectiveness workshops.


  • Worked with business unit to receive several annual awards for productivity.

  • Established first diversity council producing integrated policies and practices to support diverse employee base.



  • Developed and implemented team culture resulting in streamlined workflow.

  • Established first self directed job search program resulting in 61%  job retention.

  • Initiated first remote engineering program between Penn State main campus, Berks Campus and ATT.


  • Coached five Assistant Principals in Howard County Public School System, resulting in four promoted to
    principal positions in record time.

  • Coached Senior Leaders during mergers and reorganizations, resulting in strategic communications, collaborative
    team building and exceeding timeline goals.

  • Coached medical leader, resulting in effective communication across differences and conscious diversity awareness.



  • M.S. Human Resources Development  
    American University-NTL Institute

  • Masters of Consciousness Studies

        Holmes Institute 

  • M.Ed. Supervision and Administration 

        Lehigh University

  • B.A. Sociology
    Norfolk State University


  • Emotional Intelligence-Hay Group

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator - 
    CPP (Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.)

  • SQ21-Spiritual Intelligence - Deep Change

  • Certified Life & Leadership Coach-
    Coach for Life Graduate

  • Licensed Spiritual Coach - 
    Centers for Spiritual Living

  • Small Group (T-Group) Training-NTL

  • Diversity/Inclusivity training-EYCA


  • National Training Laboratories - Applied Behavior Sciences

  • International Coach Federation

  • Centers for Spiritual Living


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